The Thirty

We like to be willfully interdisciplinary in our approach and our projects often get remixed from one form to another as they develop: so what started out as an idea for a novel, might grow towards being a film, and then a performance, and then a piece of music, and then a performance again.

Ultimately, we want to find the heart of each story and find the best form with which to share that with an audience, now.


Photo: Timothy X Atack

Photo: Timothy X Atack


This can make our development periods very long; so we tend to be working on multiple projects. Twice a year, as part of our ongoing practice, we do a creative exercise that we call ‘The Thirty’.

It’s essentially the two of us talking through a list of 30 projects that we feel are current or somehow fascinating. They may be as well-formed as an ongoing touring show, or as nebulous as a phrase we simply like as a title. It’s a tactic for forcing us to keep difficult ideas on the table, hopefully ensuring that strong ideas – be they very ambitious, or impossible, or small, or troublesome – never get left behind.



Photo: Paul Blakemore

We list them because these are all sparks that we want to fire up. Sometimes it takes years for a project to come to fruition, so we’ve got to start somewhere.

If you’d like to know more about any of these projects or help us make them happen then please get in touch.


At the moment, The Thirty looks like this:


  1. Tales From the Old World – a post-apocalyptic western, for outdoors, for sunset
  2. The Collect – because sometimes ideas work together, and sometimes they kill each other
  3. Steady State – it’s about the myths of money, and hope in endless data
  4. Father Alberto and the Flying Girl – Father Alberto imagines an illuminated book that tells the story of his downfall
  5. The Chord – a novel. Five girls form a band to play a single chord, forever
  6. Circadial – a place-specific, live improvised gig; finding ghost music in field recordings
  7. Fire In The Bookshop – an interactive installation
  8. Nightshift Variations – faulty torch songs
  9. A Million Tiny Glitches – an electronic musical; the story of a woman seeking her friend, who has become lost in an imaginary city of his own creation
  10. SUPERNOVA – A one-to-one performance installation that takes inspiration from the speed of sight
  11. Heartworm – a stage play about a quantum house guest
  12. BUZZARD – a stage play (with dancing) about two people who earn their living as a Birthday Buzzard
  13. A Book of Dangerous and Impossible Instruments* – a book of dangerous and impossible instruments
  14. Dark Land Light House – a science fiction for theatre about a lighthouse in space
  15. Birds In Hell – Birds makes beats on her phone, and also uses it to record her descent into the underworld (to rescue her boyf)
  16. Noise vs Space – a series of workshops based on Sleepdogs’ practice and processes
  17. Bluebeard – Singapore-set feature film, beginning with a strange invitation
  18. Dancing and Apologising – a fiction about what moves different people to dance
  19. Aaminika – a stage play telling the story of an artillery unit in the last days of a bloody civil war
  20. Good Number – a stage play. A bluesman, a song collector, an electric chair
  21. Phosphenes – directing other people’s stuff >> into Sleepdogs
  22. What The Found Sound – interesting noises from the Sleepdogs collection >> into the notebook
  23. I Will Do It For Science – a short sci-fi film concerning procreation, with material shot a decade apart
  24. Bad Actor – punk comedy about a terrible actor in London, 1812
  25. Howlaround – The real world / geekout crossover in the worlds of Doctor Who
  26. Costume Test* – a short film made from costume fittings
  27. Film Score* – a silent film score
  28. Babel’s Cupid – a stage play about sex and translation
  29. A Book of Hours* – a performance about power relationships, where the performers are unaware of what might transpire
  30. The Soul of an Ass – audio drama about biblical animals (including biblical humans)

* = working title