Babel’s Cupid


written by Timothy X Atack | directed by Tanuja Amarasuriya | music & sound design by Timothy X Atack

Babel’s Cupid is a play about sex and translation. It’s about how bodies change words. Part political negotiation, part love triangle, part ritual dance; it features talk of a big-ass telescope (not a euphemism) and dancing at the end of the world (also not a euphemism).

We’re about to start our first tiny phase of exploration on Babel’s Cupid in February 2020, supported by Bristol Old Vic Ferment. Tim’s written the first part of a first draft script so we’ll see what we can explode from that.


We’re sharing some (probably quite sketchy) early work in progress at Bristol Old Vic on Thursday 6th February 2020, as part of their Ferment Fortnight.



Produced by MAYK. Developed with support from Bristol Old Vic Ferment.