I Will Do It For Science

short film
 | runtime TBC

ETA: when the sun rises in the west and sets in the east

Ten years ago, Elsi (an alien) and Peter (a human being) were teamed up to take part in one of the most important scientific experiments ever conducted – to determine whether humans and extra-terrestrial visitors could mate and successfully reproduce. They were placed in a sterile environment and left alone to engage in intercourse… watched only by 25 automatic cameras covering them from every conceivable angle.

This is the story of what happened next: the painful explanations, the odd interludes, the clashes between different cultures (alien, human, female, male) and of course, the coitus.

A deadpan comedy told in mockumentary style, filmed across the course of the decade, the participants looking back on their younger selves.



This project is currently in post-production. If you’re interested in this film, please get in touch (…though don’t hold your breath – we started filming in 2001, did the next lot of filming 2008-2011, and are just about getting into editing now).


Rebecca Palmer
Ray McBride


A five-minute version of I Will Do It For Science won the fiction category of the BBC’s Licence To Create competition in 2006. We now like to think of this edit as a ‘trailer’ for the film proper. Here it is in all its lo-res glory: