Absolute Scenes

theatre A Bristol Old Vic Theatre School production The world’s about to end, so of course we’re throwing a huge party. There are thousands of people here: multiple dance floors, denialist splinter groups, lovers’ rifts and DJs giving body counts. No one can remember how long the party has been going, nobody knows exactly when… Read more »

Project What If: Time Table

sound and object piece Created by Duncan Speakman, Tanuja Amarasuriya & Tim X Atack In February 2020 we were commissioned to create a sound and object installation exploring how we perceive time, as part of Project What If, a major new exhibition at We The Curious, Bristol’s centre for science and culture. We had some… Read more »

A Million Tiny Glitches

A dream-pop odyssey. Written by Timothy X Atack Directed by Tanuja Amarasuriya Music by Sleepdogs ALBUM AVAILABLE TO LISTEN / BUY NOW Listen / buy on Bandcamp: A Million Tiny Glitches by Sleepdogs or listen on Soundcloud or watch a lyric film for the song Breaking Up:   This is a world where death exists…. Read more »

I Will Do It For Science

short film
 | runtime TBC ETA: when the sun rises in the west and sets in the east Ten years ago, Elsi (an alien) and Peter (a human being) were teamed up to take part in one of the most important scientific experiments ever conducted – to determine whether humans and extra-terrestrial visitors could mate… Read more »

Babel’s Cupid

Polunnaruwa stone carvings

theatre Babel’s Cupid is an epic love story. It’s a play about sex and translation. It’s about how bodies change words. Part political negotiation, part love triangle, part ritual dance; it features talk of a big-ass telescope (not a euphemism) and dancing at the end of the world (also not a euphemism). We’re about to… Read more »

Ocean Confessions


site-responsive, live mixed headphone piece Ocean Confessions is a headphone piece, experienced at the edge of the sea, at night. It uses spoken word, orchestral composition, and a live mix of the waves lapping at your feet. Ocean Confessions began as a response to Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka, during our residency at Sura Medura. The sea is… Read more »


EP composed and mixed by Tanuja Amarasuriya & Timothy X Atack A short album of electro-pop built entirely out of field recordings made in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is full of life and full of noise: from the traffic in Colombo to the birds on Horton Plains to the market traders in Hikkaduwa and the… Read more »

Dark Land Light House

Theatre | 1 hour 45mins >> Incoming, deep travel >> Estimated 600 souls >> Estimated 600 souls lost in 81 minutes > > There is a Dark Land in the depths of space. Ships are drawn to it like moths to a flame, where they are consumed, destroyed. A lighthouse orbits the Dark Land. Teller… Read more »


place-specific, live, improvised sound gig created and performed by Tanuja Amarasuriya & Timothy X Atack The sounds of this town’s streets, wildlife, nightlife, vehicles, venues, homes, musicians and offices are looped, sieved, filtered, warped and stretched to make new, beautiful and perturbing music. Circadial is about the rhythms and polyphony of a place; the way that sound can… Read more »

The Bullet And The Bass Trombone

Theatre  |  1 hour 45mins words & music by Timothy X Atack  |  directed by Tanuja Amarasuriya There’s a concert orchestra, trapped in a city during a military coup. As violence erupts, with pitched battles breaking out around them, the orchestra becomes separated – lost – hoping and trying to find their way back to each… Read more »