EP composed and mixed by Tanuja Amarasuriya & Timothy X Atack A short album of electro-pop built entirely out of field recordings made in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is full of life and full of noise: from the traffic in Colombo to the birds on Horton Plains to the market traders in Hikkaduwa and the… Read more »

Dark Land Light House

Theatre | 1 hour 45mins >> Incoming, deep travel >> Estimated 600 souls >> Estimated 600 souls lost in 81 minutes > > There is a Dark Land in the depths of space. Ships are drawn to it like moths to a flame, where they are consumed, destroyed. A lighthouse orbits the Dark Land. Teller… Read more »


place-specific, live, improvised sound gig created and performed by Tanuja Amarasuriya & Timothy X Atack The sounds of this town’s streets, wildlife, nightlife, vehicles, venues, homes, musicians and offices are looped, sieved, filtered, warped and stretched to make new, beautiful and perturbing music. Circadial is about the rhythms and polyphony of a place; the way that sound can… Read more »

The Bullet And The Bass Trombone

Theatre  |  1 hour 45mins words & music by Timothy X Atack  |  directed by Tanuja Amarasuriya There’s a concert orchestra, trapped in a city during a military coup. As violence erupts, with pitched battles breaking out around them, the orchestra becomes separated – lost – hoping and trying to find their way back to each… Read more »


performance | 17 mins written and performed by Timothy X Atack | directed by Tanuja Amarasuriya A short performance for human being and dictaphone. This is a moon landing: a simple story that journeys far away into the vast, dark, emptiness of outer space. Astronaut merges simple storytelling with detailed light and sound design; inviting the audience… Read more »

The Morpeth Carol

performance | 60mins 
written by Timothy X Atack | directed by Tanuja Amarasuriya   
 “Sometimes a piece of performance is so right that it makes you feel glad to be alive and in possession of senses. The Morpeth Carol is such a piece.“ – Venue Magazine   A housing estate on the edge of some un-named… Read more »

one- two- three- four-

short film written and directed by Timothy X Atack | produced by Tanuja Amarasuriya A very short film indeed about the world’s stupidest band. Everyone knows how to do a count-in, right…?

     Cast: Tom Wainwright, James Stenhouse, Simon Holmes, Fionn Gill

all my dreams on vhs

short film | 13 mins written and directed by Timothy X Atack | produced by George Chan   James never misses his dreams – he records them straight to VHS using Dreamspoon wireless technology. But when a work colleague, Erica, stops by after work, she finds something surprising amongst the titles. Curiosity gets the better… Read more »


Workshops and explorations | various durations Sleepdogs can offer workshops for anyone interested in creating and using sound for theatre, built from what we’ve learned through our own practice. Sleepdogs’ theatre work is characterized by surprising storytelling and detailed, integrated sound design. We often take inspiration from other artforms and we frequently use field recordings… Read more »