Absolute Scenes


A Bristol Old Vic Theatre School production

The world’s about to end, so of course we’re throwing a huge party. There are thousands of people here: multiple dance floors, denialist splinter groups, lovers’ rifts and DJs giving body counts. No one can remember how long the party has been going, nobody knows exactly when the apocalypse will strike. But Eddie and Wen have just split up. What will the rest of the night bring for them… if not the end of everything?

Absolute Scenes is a play about the stupid and wonderful things that happen when we’re faced with the inevitable – featuring an ensemble of funny, desperate, surprising characters, and interweaving stories of the many ways people find hope and dignity in the face of total catastrophe.

Absolute Scenes was commissioned by Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, who approached us in the depths of the 2021 lockdown to write and direct a new play for a big cast and a creative team of students who’d been working remotely for a year, in the hope that this might be something we could actually present live, in a shared physical space… and that’s what we’re doing. Rehearsed and performed site-specifically at The Marble Factory, with a cast of 27 actors, and a whole bunch of love.

Production photos by Mark Dawson Photography.

PERFORMANCE DATES: Thurs 17th – Sunday 20th June (no shows on Saturday) at The Marble Factory, Bristol. Tickets available from Bristol Old Vic.


Written by  Timothy X Atack
Directed by Tanuja Amarasuriya
Assistant DirectorsJessy Roberts, William Byam Shaw
Performed by Ajani Cabey, Alex Chard, Alexander Uzoka, Anna Tutton, Bill Caple, Camilla Eliot, Carlie Diamond, Chiara Lari, Eve Pereira, Evie Hargreaves, Joe Usher, Joe Welch, Josephine Brookman-Amissah, Joshua Hurley, Josh Williams, Luke Taylor, Max Guest, Patrick McAndrew, Phoebe Cook, Rebecca Hyde, Ruby Ward, Shivam Pallana, Tanvi Virmani, Tom Atkinson, Tom Moran, Victoria Hoyle, Yazmin Kayani
Set Design by Charlotte Hurrell
Costume Design by Natasha Sadier
Projection Design by Ping Clarke-ng
Lighting Design by Mary Bennett
Sound Design by Joe Waddington
Production Manager: Ed Wilson
Assistant Production Manager & Site Manager: Leila Glen
Stage Manager: Kizzie Tims
Deputy Stage Managers: Caitlin Ravenscroft, Maddie Coward
Assistant Stage Managers: Ellie Condon, Abbi Davies, Chris Davies, Tabbi Dodds
Covid Supervisors: Alice Dillon, Beshlie Thorp
AV Operator: Sophie Robinson
Prod LX: Alastair Barrows
Tech team: Adrianne Broadgate, Willow Digweed, Maisy Harbert, Dan Knipe, Chris Monks, Sophie Robinson
Props Supervisor: Frankie Dowers
Props Assistants: Elspeth Goodman, Tom Gould, Zoe Mackinnon, Jess Manley, Lola O’Donoghue, Jess Way
Head of Scenic Construction: Andy Scrivens
Construction Manager: Kirk Bishop
Construction Assistants: Jack Bain, Lewis Bamford, David Bath, Millie Edinburgh, Jude Fullwood, Adam Mulligan
Supervising Scenic Artist: Leri Tecwyn
Scenic Artists: Rowan Batoctoy, Gina Hammersley
Costume Supervisor: Evie Akerman
Costume Assistants: Saskia Bath, Ruth Ferns Duncan, Laetitia Gorget, Maisie Higgins, Ruby Nex, Susie Pearce, Angelica Robinson, Charlotte Rowen
Rehearsal Photographer: Rhea Norwood