Project What If: Time Table

sound and object piece

Created by Duncan Speakman, Tanuja Amarasuriya & Tim X Atack

In February 2020 we were commissioned to create a sound and object installation exploring how we perceive time, as part of Project What If, a major new exhibition at We The Curious, Bristol’s centre for science and culture. We had some long conversations with people about time: what it meant to them, how it felt.

Time Table brings together excerpts from those interviews, with objects that link to those stories, and specially composed soundscapes – inviting you to listen and reflect on your own experience of time.

Project What If is an art and science exhibition inspired by the curiosity of a city – curated around over 10,000 questions collected from the people of Bristol.

You’ll find Time Table within the exhibition, under the bell tower, right by the TARDIS.

With thanks to: Lloyd Coleman, Liana Cottrill, Sebastian Wright, Laila Diallo, Anna Harpin, Stanley Hughes, Paul Lawless, Gill Simmons, Dr Shawn Sobers, Alice Lee & St Werburghs City Farm.

Commissioned by We The Curious.