Sleepdogs is a collaboration between writer/composer Timothy X Atack and director/producer Tanuja Amarasuriya.

The image above is from The Bullet And The Bass Trombone, our current touring show. If you’re tempted, you can view a short trailer for it on Vimeo.

“Harrowing, intelligent, beautifully crafted and deftly performed. And ultimately incredibly uplifting in an impossible-to-describe kind of way.” Andrew Haydon, Postcards from the Gods, on The Bullet And The Bass Trombone

Many thanks for visiting our site — we’re currently working on making it a little bit clearer and easier to navigate. In the meantime if there’s any info you can’t find, don’t spend ages clicking through to random pages, dammit; just get in touch and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

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