Sleepdogs is a collaboration between writer/composer Timothy X Atack and director/producer Tanuja Amarasuriya.

The image above is from The Bullet And The Bass Trombone, our current touring show. If you’re tempted, you can view a short trailer for it on Vimeo.

“Harrowing, intelligent, beautifully crafted and deftly performed. And ultimately incredibly uplifting in an impossible-to-describe kind of way.” Andrew Haydon, Postcards from the Gods, on The Bullet And The Bass Trombone

For those of you who prefer more beats, more bass and more songs, we’d love you to consider helping us to press up the new Angel Tech album, The Light Programme. Angel Tech is the band Tim’s in. Features beats, bass, songs and – if we reach our kickstarter target – beautiful artwork too. You can hear tunes and find out more here.

Many thanks for visiting this site — we’re currently working on making it a little bit clearer and easier to navigate. In the meantime if there’s any info you can’t find, don’t spend ages clicking through to random pages, dammit; just get in touch and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

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