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DLLH: Influences 1 > MUSIC

This is part of a series of blogs about influences on Dark Land Light House. Ben Frost at Sonar 2014 For me and Tim, sound and music are often built into the foundation of our ideas. Tim’s already written about how experiments with sound design gave him the way in to writing the script. More… Tanuja /

Dark Land Light House: Double Exposures

So if all (i.e. funding) goes to plan, we’ll be making Dark Land Light House next Spring. I cannot tell you how soul-quakingly exciting that feels. As Tim’s already talked about, we’ve been working on this idea in various forms and guises since 2008, and it feels properly primed to explode right now. Whilst we’re… Read more »

Steady Statements

Last month, we went out to Athens to be resident at the totally ace Bios for a week, to start researching Steady State. We’ve written about what we did and discovered during the residency, for Caravan, who not only stumped up the cash money to get us out there, but were also the platform which introduced us… Read more »

I like scripts

Thing is, I like working from scripts. I don’t much care what format the script comes in, or whether it’s in the right order, and I’m never averse to suggesting abstractions or deletions; but the bottom line is: I’m a massive scaredy-cat at devising content in rehearsals and I like working from scripts. This seems… Read more »