Babel’s Cupid

Polunnaruwa stone carvings

theatre Babel’s Cupid is an epic love story. It’s a play about sex and translation. It’s about how bodies change words. Part political negotiation, part love triangle, part ritual dance; it features talk of a big-ass telescope (not a euphemism) and dancing at the end of the world (also not a euphemism). We’re about to… Read more »

Ocean Confessions


site-responsive, live mixed headphone piece Ocean Confessions is a headphone piece, experienced at the edge of the sea, at night. It uses spoken word, orchestral composition, and a live mix of the waves lapping at your feet. Ocean Confessions began as a response to Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka, during our residency at Sura Medura. The sea is… Read more »

A Million Tiny Glitches

An electronic musical.     This is a world where death exists. Loss is hard. Grief is like a river. It’s powerful and you can’t hold it back. This is the story of a woman who goes looking for her friend – a friend who has vanished inside a city of his own imagination. Both… Read more »


one-on-one performance | 15 mins performed by Jessica Macdonald | written by Timothy X Atack | directed by Tanuja Amarasuriya You’re led into the darkness and asked to stand until the sound stops. SUPERNOVA is a sci-fi tale of light, how we use it, and the problems it causes. There will be noise and heat… Read more »

Steady State

performance (probably)   Steady State is an exploration of money, and how we might collectively revisit and rewrite our myths of money as a positive human collaboration. Our first phase of project development was a residency at Bios in Athens in 2015, just after Syriza were elected to government. During the residency we interviewed some… Read more »

I Will Do It For Science

short film
 | runtime TBC written and directed by Timothy X Atack | produced by Tanuja Amarasuriya & Anwen Griffiths ETA: when the sun rises in the west and sets in the east Ten years ago, Elsi (an alien) and Peter (a human being) were teamed up to take part in one of the most… Read more »


performance written Timothy X Atack | directed by Tanuja Amarasuriya A comedy about modern people and how we deal with our unhappiness. Tom is a Birthday Buzzard. His job is to dress up in a large anthropomorphic Buzzard outfit and turn up on your doorstep, on your birthday. He then tramps into your home and… Read more »