Creative Intelligence: stick it up your chart

creative intelligence checklist or whatever, by Tim X Atack

I made this for the Sleepdogs office.

It’s about not always doing things the same way, with the same patterns (unless that’s the right thing to do.) 

Also: trying to be clear and kind – to others, to your own bad self.
Also: recognising when you’re doing something new.

The sections can be addressed in any order.
Each section has 3 prompts, the idea is they gradually go further. 

Generally prompt 1 is what you’d ‘normally’ expect to be addressed, then it complexifies from there. Yes complexifies is a word. Shut up.

I don’t reckon it’s about having responses or answers to everything. Just being aware, basically.

This comes from lots of Sleepdogs thinking over the years about trying to be emotionally intelligent creative types, and it’s my attempt to sum some of it up. From working with good people / from having tricky times / from wondering whether to give up / from having huge, unstoppable hopes.

As a colleague once said: Be Fucking Modern.