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Drama: problems

Over the next few months I’m about to start working as a dramaturg and writer alongside some great artists, as well as giving a few talks and workshops about sound design for performance. When describing my methods I sometimes use phrases that are shortcuts to wider thinking, to ideas I’ve developed or adopted over the years about… Read more »

Dark Land Light House: Influences

We’re right on the brink of starting Dark Land Light House rehearsals now, and as everything’s starting to focus in on the detailed stuff, I thought it might be good to remind myself about the more intangible textures, aesthetics and ideas – the excitement and fascination – that have kept me and Tim hardwired to… Read more »

DLLH: Influences 4 > FULL ON THEATRE

This is part of a series of blogs about influences on Dark Land Light House. Elevator Repair Service: The Sun Also Rises I was giving a lecture to a student group recently, and talked about the integrated interdisciplinary process of developing DLLH. One of the students asked me the question: how do you balance this interdisciplinary… Tanuja /

DLLH: Influences 1 > MUSIC

This is part of a series of blogs about influences on Dark Land Light House. Ben Frost at Sonar 2014 For me and Tim, sound and music are often built into the foundation of our ideas. Tim’s already written about how experiments with sound design gave him the way in to writing the script. More… Tanuja /

Doctor Version

Yes. This year, I finally made my own version of the Doctor Who theme. People who know me will realise this has been a long, long time coming. Whisper it, the Doctor Who theme is actually a very cheesy piece of music. It’s brilliant, catchy, sure. But note for note? Cheeeeesy as hell. Dum de dum, dum… Read more »