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Ocean confessions

It’s late in Week 4 of our Sura Medura residency. If last week was all about beats, tunes and noise; then this week’s been all about orchestral composing, performance text and the sea. Also a whole bunch of getting tangled up with wires, battery packs, live relay, headphone variants and playback devices in order to… Read more »

Chipping at the hard stuff

I wrote a (pretty personal) piece for the Bristol Old Vic blog about my Leverhulme Scholarship experience so far, and how transformative it’s been for me over the last year. Here’s a link for reads it. I gave ’em the option of using a pic of m’self or a pic I took on a dawn… Read more »

I like scripts

Thing is, I like working from scripts. I don’t much care what format the script comes in, or whether it’s in the right order, and I’m never averse to suggesting abstractions or deletions; but the bottom line is: I’m a massive scaredy-cat at devising content in rehearsals and I like working from scripts. This seems… Read more »