TV serial

written by Timothy X Atack

A German World War II veteran. An emo-punk teenager. A story of culture clashes and unexpected connections across languages and borders.

1943: a troubled German soldier stationed on the coast of northern France awaits the Allied invasion that he knows must come. He falls in love with a mischievous, intelligent local woman despite the disapproval of his motley crew of army colleagues. 2007: a cranky German veteran travels across Normandy, revisiting the sites of his wartime memories for the first time. He develops a fractious, sniping friendship with a local teenage girl who drives him from one ruin to another. In 1944, the young soldier’s relationship with his French lover disintegrates just as the long-expected war arrives out of the night. In 2007, the veteran faces up to the implications of his vengeful actions all those years ago, and the senseless death that followed.

This feature length script is currently being written, after which we will be seeking routes to production. Utah (formerly known under the working title, Waiting For Tommy) was awarded development support from Villa Kult, Berlin in 2009.