The Future, The Stars

web project

>> This planet is fucked; we’re going to need another one <<

The Future, The Stars imagines the future of human existence, in the universe. It is a handbook of sorts for far-future survival (all possible options), which collates articles, maps, weblinks, travellers’ tips, photos, statistics and other useful info. A cartography from the imagination.

The Future, The Stars starts from an understanding that the way we currently live on Earth is not sustainable; but that humans also have the capacity for great determination, imagination, humour and community spirit. The Future, The Stars invites us to imagine how our success or failure in stabilising our current habitat might impact on human existence in the centuries to come.


image: Timothy X Atack

the bad news about the planets


The Future, The Stars is fiction.

The Future, The Stars will be both deadly serious and very funny.

This project is currently in the early stages of development. We are interested in finding partners who would like to help us take the project forward. If you’re interested, please get in touch.