The Freelance Magdalene

performance | 20mins

written and performed by Timothy X Atack | directed by Tanuja Amarasuriya

Two travelling companions become embroiled in a spectacular year-round passion play, performed deep in the heart of backwoods Russia. Drawn to the town of Ovaknorozh as part of their round-the-world tour of weird cultural sights, the two atheist friends find a strange comfort in the stoical locals, their intense day-to-day faith and their unchanging routines. Ultimately only one of the friends will return home.

A story about youthful naivety and unrequited love, told with the aid of a raft of audio recordings made over the course of the narrator’s travels.



“Writer/performer Tim X Atack returns to the Bristol Old Vic with his addictive, dark and mysterious style and he doesn’t disappoint with Freelance Magdalene… The play holds our attention throughout, the intriguing design and abstract direction complementing the beautiful, slowly unfolding story perfectly.” 
– Suit Yourself Magazine



Voice-over by Jodie Hawkes.

The Freelance Magdalence was commissioned by Bristol Old Vic.