The bells of Vyšehrad church explode and become as a cloud over Prague

headphone piece | 10mins

Written and produced by Timothy X Atack | Directed by Tanuja Amarasuriya

Once, we made a field recording of the strange music-box church bells that ring out over the Prague suburb of Vyšehrad every hour.



Years later, we imagined a sonic picture of a magical event, where the church inexplicably explodes in slow motion and a shimmering cloud of noise gradually dissipates across the city. Through the use of digital manipulation and musical instruments we’ve made a soundscape from the formants of the recording: a document of how this (entirely fictional) event went down. Like a recording of birdsong from the middle of the rainforest, or a fucked up Open University programme you’ve stumbled upon one drunken night and can only half remember.



Created for and touring as part of the Forest Fringe Travelling Sounds Library.