Tales From the Old World

site-specific performance/online


Tales From the Old World is a site-specific participatory theatre and online project, which takes place in the far future and the present.

Tales From the Old World is a post-apocalyptic western, which invites people to mythologise their present landscape, wherever in the world they may be.

Mysterious talking boxes, showdowns, and stories about the long-forgotten world.

“There was once a strange fellow who owned a mirror, and he promised this mirror would show a different face to your own, and he would take it around the world and pretend to show you your own true face, even though it was, in secret, not really a mirror, but the strange fellow himself behind it, pulling a bad face at you. And great fear and anger was caused by this strange fellow, even though whenever people saw him afterwards they felt unable to do him harm, as they imagined perhaps the fellow might be themselves. So a great many people, in hundreds of places wherever he went, died in misery and discomfort, forgetting what it was they’d been born for, all on account of someone who felt it was better to laugh at others than earn an honest living.”

The first phase of R&D on Tales From the Old World was supported by an emerging artists bursary from The Empty Space and Live Theatre, Newcastle. We’ve got a story and we’ve got ideas about how we would like to develop it as something that exists between theatre, film and online. Eventually, we hope it will be a production that can be mounted anywhere, with local performers, incorporating contributions from all over the world. If you’d like to talk to us about how we want to develop it further, please get in touch.



Initial R&D supported by The Empty Space and Live Theatre (Newcastle). Developed in residence at Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio (Bristol, UK)