Steady State

performance (probably)


Steady State is an exploration of money, and how we might collectively revisit and rewrite our myths of money as a positive human collaboration.

Our first phase of project development was a residency at Bios in Athens in 2015, just after Syriza were elected to government. During the residency we interviewed some extraordinary people including: a political-economic theorist and speechwriter for a former Prime Minister, a TV journalist, a city councillor, a property developer, a venue programmer, a lawyer specialising in the legal structures of institutions, a community action activist and a former ambassador to Nigeria. We also walked the city and made field recordings of market halls, protesters, the wind over the Acropolis and made new music from them. It led us to think about how we could take information and own it in hopeful ways. We began looking at real-time data streams and saw that there were positive stories there, as well as the frightening ones which tend to dominate our news-streams.

In researching Steady State, we want to challenge ourselves not simply to be angry and reactionary at the dominance of market-led economics and the social inequality that inevitably results. We want instead to find a way to acknowledge the complexities and contradictions that come with having to think locally and globally at the same time; to acknowledge different value systems and ideological positions that, despite our personal politics, have to somehow exist in the same world as each other. Economics is often described as a study of human behaviour. And we want Steady State to hold space for many different human stories and experiences.

We expect Steady State will be part documentary, part fiction, part re-enactment, part real-time data streaming.



Produced by MAYK. Supported through residency by Bios (Athens). Supported by Caravan. Developed in residence at Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio (Bristol, UK)