Workshops and explorations | various durations

Sleepdogs can offer workshops for anyone interested in creating and using sound for theatre, built from what we’ve learned through our own practice.

Sleepdogs’ theatre work is characterized by surprising storytelling and detailed, integrated sound design. We often take inspiration from other artforms and we frequently use field recordings and found sounds as the basis for both ambient soundscapes and musical composition – often building a music from samples and different practical sound sources live, as part of the performance. Sound is core to how our audience experiences the space we’re in and the story we’re sharing. Our Noise vs Space workshops will look at how and why you might integrate sound and music with story, text and space; from the first stages of scriptwriting or devising to the final stages of production.



We can design tailored workshops for students and professional practitioners with different levels of experience. Most workshops will involve some practical playing around, so group sizes will be limited by the availability of technical equipment.

We can also offer informal, seminar-style workshops for larger groups. These will be informative, but probably less fun than if we had enough equipment for everyone to be able to press buttons and hit things!

We give our workshops the collective heading Noise vs Space because we like the images it conjures, and it’s more interesting than just calling them “workshops.”

Example session topics:

Building soundscapes from found sounds and field recordings

Technical sound design for theatre

Using found sounds and archive recordings to build story and content

An interdisciplinary approach to writing stories and creating content for performance