Janet Gaynor

full-length stage play

written by Timothy X Atack

This is the story of a photograph.

London, present day. World famous photographer Kim Deacon is engaged in a high-profile shoot with movie star Abbi Velasquez as her subject. Both are notoriously single-minded and have different ideas of what they want from the day’s work. Rumours of Abbi’s pernickety nature and lack of patience precede her, whereas the blunt, northern Deacon enjoys accident, improvisation and experiment. Caught in between: Samantha – a novice PA to Miss Velasquez, frazzled and scared; Deacon’s perpetually silent studio assistant, Bennett; and Jarmandine, a stylist ostensibly from Brixton – but who actually seems to be from another planet entirely. What emerges resembles a Western face-off with a camera between the combatants.

Played out in real time from set-up of equipment to wrap, this is a drama where stories spin out from technical procedures… where the light and shade of a working studio produces a strange catharsis for the characters, leading to soul-searching, the puncturing of egos, and the dredging up of ghosts from the past.

Janet Gaynor is a full length stageplay available for production. It is written for a cast of 5 women. If you’re interested producing the work, please get in touch.