The Beard
written by Timothy X Atack
Thursday 14 September, BBC Radio 4, 2.15pm (then available on BBC iPlayer)

Tim’s latest radio drama is the story of a film star whose life implodes when she starts growing a beard that won’t go away. It features a totally awesome all-female cast: Amara Karan, Mandeep Dhillon, Amelia Bulmore and Zara Ramm; and is directed by Alison Crawford.


Lost Weekend Festival, Exeter, Sunday 8 October
Playing the City Sounds (workshop)
Saturday 7 October


Image: Jack Offord

We’re making ghost music from out of the sounds of Exeter (probably Cathedral bongs, possibly wonky paving stones, definitely traffic) as part of Lost Weekend, a new 3-day festival for Exeter of music, art, ideas and technology.

It’s free dudes, so drop in – and maybe stay a while.

We’re running a Playing the City Sounds WORKSHOP on Saturday 7 October. It’s a chance to play with tech and sounds – no experience necessary. We want to encourage more women to work with tech, so this is a workshop for women. It’s free, but you need to book a place. Come join us.


BBC Pod Play: PUB written by Timothy X Atack
available now on BBC iPlayer

BBC Wales commissioned 5 short audio plays, each set in a specific location, to be mixed in 360° sound. Tim set his one down the pub, obvs. It’s directed by Mair Bosworth and stars Alice Lowe and David Hargreaves. It’s only 5 minutes long and it’s available on BBC iPlayer for a little while. Best on headphones. Besty best on headphones, in the pub.


Ice Road by Raucous
[original music & sound by Timothy X Atack  |  script dramaturgy by Tanuja Amarasuriya]
Jacob’s Wells Baths, Bristol, 2 October – 19 November 2017

Written by Sharon Clark, Ice Road is set during the devastating siege of Leningrad, in 1942. Through the cruel winter, enemy shelling and gnawing hunger, Leah, Zoya, Tati and Kub fantasise of escape on the only road out of the city – the ice road. Mixing performance, tech, music, film and smell to tell a story of the children war leaves behind.


salt. by Selina Thompson
[Sound design by Tanuja Amarasuriya | original music by Timothy X Atack]
Friday 6 – Saturday 7 October, HOME (Manchester) (various times)

After a sellout run in Edinburgh as part of the British Council Showcase, and winning 3 major festival awards, salt. begins its national tour in Manchester.

 Two artists got on a cargo ship, and retraced one of the routes of the Transatlantic Slave Triangle – from the UK to Ghana to Jamaica, and back. This show is what they brought back. A performance encompassing grief, ancestry, home, forgetting and colonialism.


Jubilee adapted and directed by Chris Goode
[sound design by Timothy X Atack]
Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, 2 – 18 November 2017

Derek Jarman’s iconic film captured punk at its giddy height: a riot of music, DIY fashion, and every kind of sex – with a little pyromania thrown in. Now, forty years on, this new stage adaptation of Jubilee remixes it for the social and political turmoil of 2017. Centred around a marauding girl gang on a killing spree and a time-travelling Queen Elizabeth I, it’s a story of what happens when creativity and nihilism collide.


and if you missed it last year:

The Stroma Sessions

available on BBC iPlayer until November 2017

Tim’s supernatural drama, The Stroma Sessions was up for a couple of BBC Audio Drama Awards, so they’ve put the 5-episode version back up on iPlayer for any of y’all who didn’t catch it over Halloween.

It’s about a new music ensemble who travel to the abandoned Scottish island of Stroma, to record an album — and discover they are not alone. Contains weirdness and darkness and wind.  Plug in yer ears why not.

Commissioned by BBC Radio 3, produced by Afonica and starring Rebekah Staton, Valene Kane and Colin Salmon amongst others, with original music by Danny Norbury.



The brilliant Mayfest Radio got us in to chat music and influences for their Music Is My Radar slot. In between us blathering on, there are some EXCELLENT tunes. I promise. And also some terrible Brazilian chips pop.

It’s here for your ears, on Mixcloud


You can also treat your ears to the CD/EP that goes alongside The Bullet And The Bass Trombone, by purchasing a copy for a few UK quids here.


And whilst you’ve got your ears in receive mode, Tim’s band Angeltech have beautiful sounds available here.